Talks with Dr. Aziza Sesay

April Highlight: Dr. Aziza Sesay (GP)

Brand: Talks with Dr. Sesay

Location: United Kingdom

Country Representation: Sierra Leone

Bio: Dr. Aziza is a General Practitioner (GP), educator, mentor, speaker and a health prevention and education advocate. She started her virtual platform “Talks with Dr. Sesay” in the middle of 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic as her way of giving back to empower, enlighten and educate people about common medical conditions in the hope of preventing them from occurring altogether or at least moderating their progression. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Through her platform, she hosts virtual health education and promotion talks, provides short videos and infographics on common health conditions and encourages individuals to take control of their health through the knowledge gained. Knowledge is power!

Website: Talks with Dr. Sesay


Question: What inspired you to begin your brand/business?  

Answer: I truly believe that there are some basic health information that should be accessible to all. There is so much misinformation and health myths within society that need to be dispelled and this is my way of giving back. There is so much information that I can share and for free so I am really passionate about making a difference and changing the narrative in this way. If even one life is saved or changed through this platform, then I have reached my goal.

Question: How would you define success? 

Answer: Making a positive change and impact in someone's life - Giving back to me is one of the most important aspects of life! Money is fleeting

Question: Where do you want to be in 10 years? 

Answer: I'd love for the platform to be accessible worldwide and for it to become one which more and more people use as an adjunct for further knowledge reinforcement in regard to their health. Hoping that I can get more doctors on board to volunteer in this way and be involved in improving public health outcomes ideally in Sierra Leone.

Question: If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach? 

Answer: I love relaying information about medical conditions in basic terms so it would be that. Also love empowering people so would probably be counsellor type of teacher/life coach.

Question: How many countries have you visited?

Answer: 10.

Question: What are some goals or plans that you have to help improve Sierra Leone?

Answer: As my mission statement - To empower, enlighten, educate people about common medical conditions, empower them with this knowledge and encourage them to lead healthier lifestyle reducing the occurrence of preventative illnesses or at least changing the outcomes and longterm complications.

Question: What's Your favorite Sierra Leonean song of all time? 

Answer: Tutu party.

Question: What’s your favorite Sierra Leonean dish? 

Answer: Okra stew.

Question: What's your least favorite Sierra Leonean dish? 

Answer: Fufu.

Question: What's a Krio word or phrase that describes you and what does it mean?

Answer:  Bana - Stubborn - I need to make a change and it has to happen!


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